Chevrolet Camaro SS to get 500HP supercharged LS8

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Chevrolet Camaro SS to get 500HP supercharged LS8

Chevrolet Camaro SS to get 500HP supercharged LS8

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GM is counting on V6 equipped Camaros to account for the bulk of its sales but there’s talk of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine among the ranks as well the usual V8 lineup. Latest reports suggest that the flagship Camaro SS will be powered by GM’s 6.2L LS8 small block V8 with a supercharger in tow.

The LS8 engine features an intercooler integrated into the intake manifold and has been designed to fit in the new Zeta platform that underpins cars like the upcoming Camaro as well as the current Pontiac G8.

According to The Detroit News, the engine will develop up to 500hp in the Camaro and will ensure that the 2010 model is the fastest production Camaro ever.

GM originally planned to use the engine in several of its SUV models including the Denali but was forced to abandon those plans due to looming CAFE regulations. Instead, the potent engine will be reserved for limited production performance models like a range-topping Camaro as well as a possible G8 flagship.

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  1. well crap.. while you've got the engine lying around, might as well drop the LS9 in there and have a camaro SS-V. its practically the same engine, just with a bigger supercharger and a little more cooling demand.

  2. Won;t this thing hurt sales of the Corvette?

  3. yeah it would hurt the corvette a bit

  4. Tops a base Vette in power and near matches the Z06.

  5. Yes, but I think the Vette is still a much more capable car, due to it's lighter wieght, 2 seats, and lower CofG...

  6. Maybe, but if this car is cheaper, might not matter.

  7. I think GM is trying to secure sales. Not lots of people can handle $70K- $100+K cars in US, which are the average prices for the Vettes. Ford doesn't have a production car like Corvette. I don't think there is any point of bringing back a Camaro that is not able to compete with the Mustangs in every category. This Camaro clearly targets the supercharged Mustang that is able to produce around 500HP too. I don't think that any success in sales for the Camaro is going to affect the sales of Corvettes, which is a GM's flagship for sports cars. Today Porsche is investing in VW. As a result, any success in sales of VW should be more beneficial than detrimental for Porsche. Something similar could happen with Camaros and Vettes.

  8. If this car uses the same G8's Zeta platform and GM’s 6.2L LS8 small block V8, both of which are existing hardware. Why the delay in getting the car to showrooms?

  9. Aiman: I think all is about marketing. Despite the fuel prices concerns, the ZR-1 Vette is going out for sale (in limited production) b/c the propaganda has already secured a reasonable amount of prospective buyers. Today, when buyers are looking more into investing in smaller cars and engines, wait time for the manufactures of "muscle cars" is a must. A supercharged Camaro might sound like a big idea, but it could happen that nobody buys it, which would be bad news specially now when there is a decrease in the sales of trucks and SUV's

  10. well i dont care what other people say but i think the new camaro should have more than 500 hoses but even if they dont give it more than 500 hoses im gona get one lol

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