Update: High-Res Ferrari California Images

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The first official images of Ferrari’s latest model, the all-new GT California convertible have finally been released after months of tantalizing spy shots and recent teasers. The new model will be available exclusively as a convertible and will feature several firsts for Ferrari including a new automatic folding hard-top, mid-front engine position and dual-clutch technology.

Both the chassis and bodywork are aluminum, and power is derived from a new 4.3L V8 unit with direct injection and a ‘flat’ crankshaft design. The new mill generates 460hp at 7,500rpm and allows the Ferrari California to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4.0 seconds.

Drive is sent to the rear wheels via a brand new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and is controlled with the same F1-Trac traction control system that debuted on the 599 GTB Fiorano. Brembo brakes featuring carbon-ceramic discs are fitted as standard.

The car will be officially unveiled to the public at the Paris Motor Show in October. However, over the coming weeks, new photographs and further details about it will also be published.


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Comments (44)
  1. It's hot, I'm just not sure about those exhaust pipes. But I could probably get used of them.

  2. Not too bad looking, but is it just me or has it lost some of Ferrari design language? The tail pipe is IS-F, side profile reminds me of LF-A, and the tail shape and the grille at the back reminds me of TVR. However, i think it's a nice looking car overall, except for that hood scoope

  3. this reminds me of the one off Ferris Beuller Ferrari.....which i know wasnt a ferrari itself but a modified version of an existing model !

  4. WANT!

  5. Boy GM really did a great job on the new Corvette, or maybe its Toyota hitting a home run with a Lexus. Tell me that that isn't a Ferrari.

  6. finally a ferrari that I would want.

  7. good on everything but the tailpipes....could get used to them i suppose, full rear shot?

  8. Ferrari has released only these 3 pictures so far. It seems to be a problem with cars released by the Fiat group. Their PR team thinks it's a good idea to only release 2-3 shots and annoy viewers/readers. They will release more in the coming weeks and obviously we'll add them. :)

  9. I used to think the F430 Cabrio was the best looking, not any more...

  10. I like the idea of reintroducing the go-kart Ferrari - the likes of which we've not seen since the F355. Trouble is, this GT California owes a little too many design cues to the Fiat Barchetta.

  11. A real wannahave Ferrari !
    I hope Ferrari does not go all out on performance and gadgets to keep the price and maintenance costs affordable.

  12. Where do you see design elements from the Fiat Barchetta? I also don't really see TVR and Lexus design in this car. It is a combination of existing models. Front comes from 612 & 599, grill from 550, rear reminds of a shrinked F430 & Enzo, the side view is also quite 599ish. The Barchetta looks like a boat compared to that^^

  13. It will be interesting to see what ferrari markets the car like, are they thinking an everyday sports car, or one you bring out of the garage on sundays. The hardtop makes it sound like this could be a everyday sort of thing, something to finally compete with porsche as an all around sports car.

  14. LAMBO>FERRARI ANYDAY! and this ugly monstrosity just proves it...its how the italians say, THATS A SPICY MEATBALL!

  15. Hmmmmm IS-F tail pipes....... Interesting

  16. By the sounds of this car having a hardtop, they are marketing it as an everyday sort of sports car, but i dont think it will be able to compete with porsche for that title. Porsche has come first in quality by jd power for the last 3 years.

  17. Love it! Kudos Ferrari!!!

  18. I can like!!!!

  19. I wonder what pricing is going to be on this car, assuming this is going to be the entry level ferrari i wonder if production can keep up with demand having all ferrari's being mostly hand produced.

  20. The pronounced wedge is a little Honda S2000, if you ask me. I think the front treatment is really nice, but the rear looks far from svelte. Were those extra two seats worth it? Perhaps. Will I lust after it? Of course!

  21. I spoke with the GM of a Ferrari dealership last week. He said the price is to start around $175k. The 2+ configuration involves optioning for a storage deck vs. 2+2 seating (ala Porsche 911 Turbo). Production is to be higher than the current Ferrari's. This is so much so that Ferrari has asked their dealerships to expand their showrooms.

  22. Hmmm. The sides of the car and especially the rear quarters look very contrived, and the back is way too "hunch back". And yet somehow, altogether, it just works. Strange. I'll wait until I see it alot more to really pass judgement

  23. yea dont like it, hopefully itll look better in person but as of now, cant say im a fan.


    This Ferari looks really very good ;-)

    I want too

  25. Ferrari still knows how to make cars :D

  26. $175k...thats in the USA...means it will be over $400k here in australia

  27. I cant believe they went with that stlye of exhaust, you know what they say if aint broke dont fix it---- they should stick with their original exhaust pattern. Anyways i finally saw a lexus is-f and that exhaust system looks like sh*t in real life.

  28. wow its the most beautifull ferari i have ever seen.....it looks very exotic but the name doesnt sound exotic at all..I mean gallardo sounds kool...vanquish sounds kool...mustang sounds kool... but calafornia doesnt sound that kool...it just reminds me of the camper van made by vw i think that was also called calafornia....

  29. Am i the only one who thinks that apart from the back that thing is HIDEOUS!

    What happened to the beautiful Ferrari's like the 250GT's and the Dino's

    Yes to the performance No to the looks

    Give me the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster anyday!

  30. nice

  31. It looks like a beefed up Solstice......since im poor, i'll just buy the supercharged 2.0L Pontiac...

  32. rapstar, I hate to say it, but I think you're kinda right.....

  33. Can't wait to get my a** handed to me by this car. I'm sure I'll be seeing the first ones here asap...

  34. my dads boss put in his order a couple weeks ago, and they said he is most likely the first one to recieve his in north america

  35. chris i agree with you on those exhaust pipes.. never liked them from looking at a pic..seeing them in real life is even worse..which they would have stuck to original exhaust placements....

  36. Just another Ferrari : The front looks 575 Maranello inspired, the rear is 348 GTS pretty much...Like a uniform for the rich...For me, Ferraris had better and more original looks in the '60s and the '70s

  37. 60's and 70's Ferraris looks amazing, but there has being many other great looking Ferrari since. Personally i think 456 GT is the last great looking Ferrari

  38. am happy with my £500 car and it get me to A to B what else do i need

  39. If such pipes turns up before the is-f , I think it will be a perfect car!~

  40. Different,, Ferrari are really pushing the scope on thier new designs. Looks small and not 200 foot wide which should also appeal to Ferrari fans who are sick of driving on both sides of the road! And, in true Ferrai style will go like the clappers..

  41. I can't feel anything related to Beauty~~` sorry ~~
    labo gallado lp560-4 much much much better looking ....which makes me feel "Italian design"!

  42. I think this is one of the best Ferrari's that has been built in years.

  43. i like it. i like the way ferrari are playing with their design alot compared to other manufacturers such as porsche and aston martin. i mean look at AM, i know u think its pretty and all, but all their models look the same. yes if its not broken dont fix it, but it doesnt stir my senses anymore when i catch one in the streets.

  44. This is one of the prettiest cars I have seen. It is far more attractive than any Jaguar, BMW, Benz or Porsche I've ever seen. For ferrari it's typical in aesthetics.

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