HSV W427 LS7-Powered Commodore Sedan Goes Into Production

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, HSV, Holden’s in-house tuning arm, rolled out a concept version of its latest E-series model powered by the Corvette ZO6’s LS7 V8 powerplant at the Melbourne Motor Show in February. Dubbed the ‘HSV W427,’ the four-door muscle sedan is now headed to production, packed with a 7.0L V8 engine providing a very healthy 505hp (375kW) and 472lb-ft (640Nm) of torque.

The production car is only minimally revised from the concept, and will be limited to a run of up to 427 cars, priced at $150,000 Aussie dollars, or about $142,000 USD, before taxes and fees. The car is expected to complete the 0-100km/h sprint in around 4.7 seconds and will feature very similar styling to the aggressive concept car.

The W427 is designed to take on European’s finest, such as the BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and upcoming Audi RS6, and as such the current range-topping 400hp HSV sedan needed a serious performance boost. Engineers turned to Holden’s parent company GM to procure the new engine, but the mighty mill is hand-assembled specifically for the Australian sedan. It features an advanced dry-sump lubrication system and a unique two-mode exhaust system designed to enhance the V8 burble.

Other unique features include a carbon fibre rear spoiler, six-piston brakes, 20in wheels, a custom induction system and an uprated limited-slip differential, clutch and Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual gearbox.

Of the 427 cars to be built, each of Australia and New Zealand's 64 HSV dealers will be guaranteed at least one, provided a solid retail order is placed. The rest will be allocated according to 2007 sales figures. The first vehicles to roll off the production line will be available for purchase in August.


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Comments (12)
  1. That sounds mighty exepnsive to me... why would you buy this car, if you can have an M5 for the same money?

  2. In Australia the M5 retails for more than $200,000, so this car is in fact quite the bargain in performance terms.

  3. still wouldnt buy it as it is still ultimately a Commodore !!......

    mutton dressed up as lamb is still mutton !!

    An RS4 Avant for the same price will do me nicely thankyou.

  4. I would buy it becuase I like it and I can afford it.....I have owned Fords, an AU XR8 and a GTP, I've also owned the Clubsport, the R8 and the GTS and presently own the rarest HSV produced, in our garage my wife has her M5 and before that she had a GTR so i think I know a little bit about cars....I can afford the toys so I just don't care what people say about the cars I own, while some people are rubbishing cars like the W427 I'm out there having fun in them......

  5. Man I will never complain about the price of cars in the US ever again.

    Here, a loaded M5 costs just uner $100,000 USD.

  6. gus; cars arent the only thing that is cheap in the USA.... everything is cheap. even when the CDN dollar was worth 60 US cents, it was still worth while to go over to detroit to shop for groceries, clothes, furniture.. anything really. even if you get caught at the boarder and they charge you duty... its still well worth it.

    ...and now the canadian dollar is worth more than the american.

    everything in the states is dirt cheap. people fly from england to newyork for a weekend to do shopping cause with all the money they save, they pay for the flight so why the hell not go to newyork for free?

  7. They tax higher on merchandise in Canada, and Europe, etc. to provide for social programs like education and health care that are more comprehensive than those in US

  8. usually people that brag about all these cars they owned like Murfette usually cant even afford a civic.

  9. ok honestly.. something has to be done about the other "chris"... thats not me..

    burke... you think i'm talking about an 8% sales tax instead of 6% sales tax? lets get serious. INCOME TAX is where the canadian government gets their money.

    everything is more expensive outside of the USA. everything. go traveling. see the world. i've been from detroit to miami and every major american city between.. and its the same thing. everything from a loaf of bread to cars... everythings cheaper. significantly. like i said.. even when it took 1.6 CDN to make 1 USD... it STILL made sense to go shopping in detroit than shoping anywhere in canada.

  10. this car is a piece of shit. a 7ltr V8 should have at least 600bhp...if amg or M had that many cubics to play with we would be looking at at least 650-700bhp and if they couldn't they would atleast get off their arsed and whack a super charger or twin tubros in it

  11. Don't whine about car prices, boys and girls.

    The M5 costs $380.000 here in Denmark. :)
    (That's US Dollars)

    For those who don't believe me: http://www.bmw.dk/dk/da/_teaserpool/download/newvehicles/pdf/Kundeprisliste_modelaar_2008_manuelt_gear_UDEN_VAN_250408.pdf

  12. horrible, i fully agree with dadan, this thing is a piece of shit, a three old could of stlyed this thing better.

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