Mystery Ferrari Confirmed As First Car In Portfolio Coachbuilding Program

The Ferrari SP1, as the car is called, was designed by Fioravanti

The Ferrari SP1, as the car is called, was designed by Fioravanti

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The mysterious Ferrari we reported about back in August, spotted lapping Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in Maranello, has been confirmed as the initial car in the company's new 'Portfolio' coachbuilding program. Delivered to Japanese businessman Junichiro Hiramatsu, the car is called the SP1 and is based on an F430, reworked by Fioravanti.

The completely undisguised nature of the new model suggested that this was not some secret new Ferrari model under development, but rather a special one-off model designed for a private individual–similar to the Enzo-based P4/5 built for James Glickenhaus back in 2006.

Fioravanti, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has left its fingerprints in the design of the car. Tell-tale features include the sleek and dynamic sweeping lines that extend nearly the complete length of the car, as well as the rounded rear end. Other differences made to the F430 include the addition of the 599 GTB’s single circular lighting units.

Hiramatsu ordered the Fioravanti-designed SP1 because of an infatuation with the design of the Ferrari F100 from 1998, also penned by Fioravanti, and a sort of spiritual predecessor of the Enzo.

Ferrari had previously confirmed plans to return to its coachbuilding heritage this year, and is working closely with Italian design houses Fioravanti, Pininfarina and Zagato. According to Fioravanti, only the 599 GTB Fiorano and California are outside the scope of the coachbuilding program.


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Comments (13)
  1. I would say this is a custom one off for someone. Judging by the cuts and slashes in the body work its more the work of Zagato. Maybe someone who ordered the ill fated Spyker super car (designed by Zagato) went to Zagato and Ferrari instead.

    Just a thought!

    Besides a prototype this early in the game would be wearing full body camo for sure.

  2. You sure this isn't the Millechili?

  3. ugly ugly ugly :-/

  4. Look at the front. Looks like a coachbuild F430. The rear looks in terms of style quite zagatoish.

  5. it's not terribly attractive, but I'd bet money that the roof retracts or is a targa. Otherwise there's simply no excuse for such an ugly belt-line!

  6. The roof profile is clearly that of an F430. This thing is just hideous though.

  7. is it just me thinking this or is this car one of those fake Ferraris that were reported with great fanfare a couple of months ago and the reporting of has now died out ???

  8. Awaiting delivery to the Sultan of Brunai.....never to be driven!

  9. Not so fast Love Alfa-

    The Sultans collection no longer exists, why? It was the collection of his brother who has since been exiled to London and is forced to live on a budget dictated by the Sultan himself. Basically his car collection and spending habits almost backrupted the royal family.

    At one point Bentley existed solely on his private purcshases a move they later regretted when the spicket got turned off. Jaguar for instance refused his offers of similar work but did sell him 15 or so XJ220's and told him where to go to get the custom body work he wanted done.

    As for the collection it self it contained every F1 winner from the late seventies to the very early nineties. The cars were housed all together and when you approached each car it would be highlighted in lights and a audio visual display would then discribe that particular cars season when it won the world championship.

    In total the collection grew to some 3000 plus cars but has since been very queitley sold off via various dealers. Although some cars still pop up today so I can only assume they still have cars to sell.

    Follow the lilnk below and you can see why Bentley loved him so much and why when the funds ran out they came close to hitting the financial skids. Ever wonder why they put themselves up for sale? The unofficial answer is when the Sultans younger brothers money ran out so did the Bentley/Rolls bank account.

  10. "Ferrari is planning to increase output to around 500hp to remain competitive with cars like the Porsche GT2 and even Nissan’s GT-R [...]". I think that increasing the engine's output by increasing displacement wouldn't make it more competitive. Those two cars have small (under 4.0L), turcocharged engines, and that's what I hope Ferrari will do from now on.

  11. Kinda reminds me of the Honda Hindsight, I meant Insight.

  12. I doubt anyone will remember this, but long ago, a concept was revealed for the "F460", a car to replace the F430, and one of the best looking cars ever in fact. From looking at that shot, it seems that there may be hope of Ferrari following through with that design study...

  13. doesnt look up to ferrari standards, it looks cheap for some reason

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