Update: Volkswagen Golf Mark VI official details

VW has benefited from strong sales in emerging markets

VW has benefited from strong sales in emerging markets

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Volkswagen’s sixth-generation Golf, the latest iteration of the carmaker’s most successful model to date (with more than 26 million sold), has been revealed ahead of its world debut planned for October’s Paris Motor Show. The European market launch will begin that same month, and following in succession will be Africa, Asia, Australia and North America.

A new engine lineup and increased availability of DSG dual-clutch transmission technologies lower fuel consumption by up to 28% in some models, and the entire range – both petrol and diesel - satisfy the limits of the future EU-5 standard.

The petrol engines are now more efficient than ever, with four variants available on debut. They include outputs of 80hp (60kW), 100hp (75kW), 122hp (90kW) and 160hp (118kW). The latter two engines utilize VW’s TSI design with both a turbo and supercharger present. Fuel economy for the base engine is rated at 36.75mpg (6.4L/100km), while the more powerful 1.4L TSI unit with 160hp is rated at a more economical 37.33mpg (6.3L/100km).

Diesel fans will be treated with several engine options, including two 2.0L units at launch developing 110hp (81kW) and 140hp (103kW) respectively. Fuel economy for the 110hp entry-level diesel is rated at 52mpg (4.5L/100km) and the more powerful 140hp unit is rated at 48mpg (4.9L/100km).

With the exception of the entry-level versions, all petrol and diesel engines can be paired with a DSG transmission. Depending on the engine torque, either a 6-speed or 7-speed DSG is used.

The new interior sees the Golf range move further upmarket in terms of quality, with refined surfaces, brushed chrome accents and round instruments derived directly from those of the Passat CC. A special damping film in the windshield also reduces driving noises, as does the newly developed seal concept for the doors and side window guides. The new shape of the outside mirrors also significantly reduces wind noise, as does the increased sound-proofing between the engine and cabin.

Safety has also been given a leg up thanks to a new ESP system, with finer response over its control range, further optimized crash properties, seven airbags including knee airbags, active head restraints, daytime running lights and rear seatbelt detectors.

Assistance systems such as Automatic Distance Control, Adaptive Chassis Control and Park Steering Assistance are also available on the new Golf range, further distinguishing it from the regular econo hatch field.

The entry price for the German market is around €16,500 ($24,780), €200 ($309) more than the current model. VW officials have also confirmed that all versions of the car, both left and right-hand-drive models at its hometown plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.
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Comments (34)
  1. wow.... so clearly the golf is VW's 911. doesnt. change. at all.

  2. The same old sh*t, again? Tedious.

  3. Just the perfect all around FWD hatch car.

    If they offered this in an AWD, really powerful convertible I'd want one...

  4. why change with a successful formula....its sold over 25million cars for a reason....people buy it because you know you can depend on it and you know what you are getting...besides i drove a new FSI and its a great car to drive !

  5. no... lets just wait there.... this is a successful car because it USED to be cheap, simple, dependable, and stylish. it is no longer any of that. VW's the most recalled auto company right now, and they are #5 in production numbers. its just about as boring as a toyota, and i would argue moreso cause the matrix is at least SLIGHTLY daring. Its not the cheapest in its class and it certainly is anything but simple.

    but the average consumer knows fack all about cars and thinks "oh.. VW.. a quality german car".

    btw gus, the golf is AWD. in europe.

  6. headlights look way to similar to the the scciroco

  7. Golf is the face of VW like carolla to toyota. It's tooo risky to change drastically.. and designers are enjoying all that spare time after re-touching couple of lines from the old golf.

  8. Given its really Mark 5.5 (or is that MarkV +1/2?), the evolutionary styling is hardly a surprise. Even so, I would have hoped for more .... while a neat evolution of the Golf theme, it's all a bit "me-too" : hint of Megane in the headlights and Bimmer 1 series (via Hyundai i30?) in the waistline crease. Yep, the designers have played it safe, but is it enough to maintain Golf's position as a "premium" hatchback?

  9. dave, this isnt a face lift, this is an all new model.

    desig; i thought the camry was the face of toyota.

  10. chris- what planet are you from!?

  11. Many of you are missing the point. The GTI is a superior vehicle. The reason it doesn't change much is because it is a proven design that works and performs as it is expected. Why change it? Yes the car is more complicated than it used to be, but that's what consumers want. If you want a car without electronics, computerized systems, or heated seats, get a 1985 Rabbit. It has clearly improved over the years. And Chris, yes, your statement "oh...vw.. quality german car" is an accurate one. what's the problem? That's the case. speak with any GTI owner or car reviewer out there; the consensus is: yes, you can get a similar car for less money, but you can't get the same thrill and excitement from everyday, around town driving with those cheaper options as you can with the GTI. You want something different, get a different car, but don't knock a tried and true design.

  12. Of course, all of what i ranted about above also applies to the golf.

  13. safe and solid offering....why change a winning formula.
    Sir Yappie is right with his overview.

  14. desig, i'm from the planet where vw and toyota are the most recalled brands on the planet. you're talking about two brands that have this image in the average consumer's minds as being huge quality brands. they simply arent.

    adam, I'll give you that. a 200 hp engine in a compact hatch like that would be fun as hell.

    I use my brothers fully loaded 03 passat as an example. he's had the turbo replaced, the brakes, the shocks, the head, the head gasket, the rad (twice). all before 80,000 km. quality surveys are putting toyota and vw around where ford and GM are. we're no longer in a time where toyota and vw are golden brands.

    and my comments about the looks of the car are simple. VW doesnt want to screw around with the design. thats fine, its jst you arent going to encourage any new customers to the golf with ideas like this. and if their lowered quality continues, they'll burn all of their current customers as well. my brother for example. guy wanted a VW for ever and when he finally gets one, its a huge headache.

  15. i have only driven the golf gti twice in my life and i absolutely luved it.....it is a great car it performs well around town and even on the highway....the term hot hatchback or hot hatch was made for the golf gti. This new one.. well i like it... and if it drives as well as the current one then i will definately buy it....and the thing that Chris is saying about quality well my friend owns a golf gti and his bro owns the current passat both of them hav never complained about the quality. I heard some where if you are in america you get different interiors for the golf then people in europe do..and i think same aplies for many cars...if this is the case maybe then you get bad quality...by the way i dont if this is true if any one has any info on this please do share

  16. yeah ally, VW has at least one plant in mexico making (i think) the golf/jettas for NA sales.

  17. i thaugh they had a plant in brazil...never knew about mexico

  18. I have owned every model of gti at one time or another. Currently I have a 97 mk3 VR6 and a 07 Mk5. I love them both. But to say they are not very different is about as dumb as you get. Just because they are both gti's doesnt make them similar. If that comment is targeted at the mk5 with this new ver which clearly resembles the W12 concept... Well I still think you're wrong.
    I see a lot of hate in your comments and it makes me wonder why you would even take the time to type that. VW makes great cars. If you want to cry about something cry about VW's push for HO 2.0T engines instead of the grunty high torque VR6.

  19. These renderings are becoming less realistic and more real !!!

    Davemec, Romans didn't know how to write fractions. A half migh be written with a low-case "i"...

    Ally, all Jetta Vs are built in Mexico and China (the latter for the local market). The Puebla plant also produces the Jetta IV for all Latin America.

  20. Guys, much as this debate about the merits of the Golf is interesting, you're not arguing about a new Golf.
    The headline picture for this article depicts the VW V12 - An exisiting Golf shell with the W-12 from the Bently GT and if I remember correctly, the transmission from a Phaeton. A heap of scoops and vents make the boring shape a bit interesting in a form follows function manner because the engine generates so much heat.
    Look at the picture linked to the third thumbnail - you can see the carbon fibre deck behind the driver which conceals the engine; the two cooling fans aren't immediately apparent, see also the 'flying' C pillars used to scoop air into the engine bay.
    It would be nice if the next Gold had some of this aggression, but the V12 was a one off working concept built for a vW enthusiasts carshow and certainly is far too mad for production.
    The next Golf will be just as indistiguishable from the current model as the curernt is from the previous - unless you're into counting the rivets in between washing your favourite anorak.

  21. i dont now wich is the real golf because we see 2 design of gplf

  22. VW please put the front grill's fog lights back on the GTI !!!

  23. Chris,

    before you talk so much about something you obviously know little you might want to chack your facts!!

    The plant in Mexico only makes Jetta's for the NA market.

    How can you even compare a Golf to a Toyota. At that point you lost ALL credibility. I have a MKV R32 which is the most fun car I've driven (outside of a Cayman S) and for the price $30K USD was a bargain. I've put almost 11K miles on it and the only issue I've had was a rattling sunroof shade which was replaced. I also belong to a local R32 club and this seems to be consistant. In the past I've had Audi's, BMW's and a Volvo and this car has been flawless. That is to say not all VW's are like this but my experiences with two have been very good. Also, the Toyota drives with no feedback when driving and handling is crap versus a regular Golf and certainly versus my Golf R32.

    You think a Golf is expensive, look at the new Toyota Corolla (your fav) when its all loaded up excluding NAV you're looking at $25K which is more than a golf.

  24. Why make a 1lt and 1.2lt, if thats the case why have the polo in the lineup? A 1.6 tsi 200bhp, i have 2 get me one of those.

  25. Bring on the R32 with that body and a more powerful motor and then one can say they're in business !!!!!

  26. That looks way nice... damn

  27. it looks good! but it need R32 version or R36? :) its look like scirroco, but is been expectant...i hope the scirroco will have some kind engine how new GTI(because i want to buy it) because 200hp is little low...this power have Octavia RS too for lower price and drive good too.

  28. PJ...ppls looking for low eater engines and 1,2lt looks good for normal user with 75hp..if i will buy golf, certainly get 1,6 TSI(200hp) because eat little lower thats GTI with 240hp...may be Golf GT mark 6 can have 1,6 TSI...but i dont understand why 1,0lt?! polo in basic version dont have thats tiny engine...and 3 cilinders for Golf? Jesus forgive us!

  29. A 4wd GTI 260bhp oh baby.

  30. golf Vi will be produced in China in late 2009. there will be quite a few options. i have been expecting

  31. I am a current owner of an 07 Porsche Boxster and prior owner of a 06 Mk V GTI, 2002 Mini Cooper S, and 2001 Audi TT 1.8T Quattro. I will be in the market again this summer/autumn as the Porsche just is too much money sitting and depreciating (its paid for). I am also not thrilled with the dealer. Nice but over rated and I had just as much driver enjoyment from a hot hatch.Why didnt I get the Cayman? $3850 USD more for the same basic car thats why.The TT was high quality and based on the Mk IV GTI chassis. Very nice.I loved the Mini Cooper S -fast,high MPG, good handling,fun...but the Mini dealer is starting to get full of themselves No freakin way will I pay 30k for the JCW Mini. I would consider a moderate Cooper S for 24 or so.....which leads me back to the Mk VI GTI.....My Mk V was loaded. If I do the Mk VI it will be much more basic...and around 24k USD. The Mk V was "chipped" and had firmer sway bars ( Eibach- which Squeeked- do not recommend them) . I would do the chip again .....Looks high quality, 2x the luggage space as the Mini, very quick ( especially chipped) and decent MPG. Easier to order than a Mini too. For the same 24k I will probably do the Mk VI ....and try to keep it longer as this is getting to be a drug habit!!!. Doctor says I am getting better though :>)

  32. Hi.I presently own a Golf 5 GTI and have been plagued by problems such as a noisy gearbox and too many noises in the front of car .Has anybody also experienced the same with no responce from factory.Tommy South africa

  33. i think i should get one 4 myself, VW is making beautiful cars. i like it!!!!! Golf 6gti is my dream!!

  34. I don't think we'll be seeing anymore limited edition R-line cars in the 3.2 or 3.6 liter range from Volkswagen anytime soon, simply because the VR6 is--unfortunately--heaving its last awesome breaths. The current engine trend in the automotive industry is 'smaller block with less liters paired to a turbo equals more power, less curb weight, & better fuel efficiency.' We would sooner see an R20 hit the production line than any of the 6-cylinder R-variants we've been blessed with in the past couple of years.
    In fact... http://www.autoblog.com/2009/09/14/frankfurt-preview-volkswagen-r20-hits-the-web-early/

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