ABF builds world's fastest Mini Cooper S

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ABF builds world's fastest Mini Cooper S

ABF builds world's fastest Mini Cooper S

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When it comes to drag racers, most enthusiasts don't think front-wheel drive, and even if they do, they certainly don't think Mini Cooper S. But the tuners at ABF Performance didn't let that stop them from taking the car to some truly extreme performance levels. With a 10.48 second quarter-mile time, the ABF Mini Cooper S is officially the fastest Mini in the world.

It does it with little more than an extreme diet, slick tires and a massive turbocharger and intercooler kit. Rated at 650hp (486kW) and running trap speeds of 135.16mph (216km/h) in the quarter-mile with its 10.48 ET, the car weighs in at just 1,750lb (795kg) and puts on a killer show, as the video below demonstrates.

Peek under the hood and prepare to be disturbed by the incongruity of a monstrous turbocharger and intercooler in such a tiny engine bay. Fitting the equipment into the space available is almost as impressive as the power output, which nearly quadruples the car's base 172hp (128kW).

Speaking with MotorAuthority, Broadus Anderson of ABF Performance also revealed that more will be in the works from the company, including road race cars and some goodies for the SEMA show this November intended for streetable Minis. The road race cars will be available in turn-key format and for a Club Racing series throughout the U.S., so Mini performance fans, keep your eyes peeled for more from ABF.

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  1. I've always been blown away by how much power these FWD cars can put to the ground. It seems impossible, right? I mean, when power is applied to a car, the wieght transfers to the rear wheels, but the front wheels just claw their way forward...

  2. My guess is that in such a small car and gutte out there little weight transfer anyways, couple that with stiff rear springs and well, the video shows it, a RWD equivalent with the same weight and power would be a bit quicker still I would think.

  3. I do hope that awd will become available someday, since the MINI crossover is supposed to get awd as an option, till then this is great.

  4. Yeah but the mini will never get a proper all time awd system because it will ruin its fuel economy. Think they will got for a haldex system or something else electronical like the xdrive system.
    But this is amazing. Remember 1600ccm displacement and transversal mounted engine. How does the clutch and gearbox hold up? How much torq does this thing have?!

  5. The theoretical maximum power delivery to the front wheels avoiding uncontrollable wheelspin is around 280-300 hp depending on engine placement. With such power as this together with the assumed instant power surge you get with turbcharged engines the wheels must be doing 1/2 mile over the 1/4 methinks.

  6. I know a guy that has gone 151 MPH in his MINI Cooper.

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