Update: high-performance SVT Ford Fusion GT delayed until 2012

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Update: high-performance SVT Ford Fusion GT delayed until 2012

Update: high-performance SVT Ford Fusion GT delayed until 2012

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Update: Ford has decided to delay its high-performance arm's SVT Fusion GT until the next-generation car rolls out in 2012 according to the latest reports. The decision is based around the desire to roll out the EcoBoost engines to other products first.

All-new products like the MKS and Flex are taking priority over the Fusion GT project. Potential recipients also include the Mustang and F-150, also meat-and-potatoes cars for Ford. The SVT version of the Fusion, which was expected to get a 340hp (253kW) twin-turbo V6 version of the EcoBoost application, will have to wait, reports Motor Trend.

The car had originally been planned as a low-volume end-of-model car to keep interest up and boost sales as the Fusion aged, but with the desire to make a rapid expansion of the engine into larger vehicles as an efficient V8 alternative, the Fusion GT has lost its justification.

Original: Ford’s official in-house tuner, Special Vehicles Team (SVT), is reportedly working on a new high-performance version of the Fusion sedan for release late next year or in early 2010. The new car will carry the fabled ‘GT’ badge and will be the fourth car to feature the Blue Oval’s upcoming EcoBoost V6 engine (the first three being the Lincoln MKS, Ford Flex, and Lincoln MKR).

EcoBoost is the name of Ford’s new high-performance engine technology, which combines the twin forces of direct-injection and turbocharging to boost power while conserving fuel. The first EcoBoost engine will be a 3.5L petrol V6 that’s claimed to have the power and torque of a larger V8 engine but the fuel-consumption of a moderate V6. At its debut, the EcoBoost V6 is expected to deliver around 340hp (254kW), however more powerful applications are expected, including outputs as high as 415hp (310kW).

According to MotorTrend, the upcoming Fusion GT will feature the 340hp (254kW) version of the engine and will also come with a Haldex-sourced part time AWD system to help get the power to the ground.

After the debut of the V6 EcoBoost range, Ford is expected to introduce a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine in the Fusion sedan in 2010. There is also expected to be a low-volume Focus GT with the same EcoBoost four-cylinder as well as a version of the Edge crossover with the same powertrain.
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Comments (11)
  1. Well, the Taurus SHO was a hit way back when, so why not?

  2. I'm interested to see if the ecoboost 2.3L will replace the normal 3L v6. The cx7 uses the 2.3L turbo where as the edge uses the 3.5L... should be interesting to see ford stick to their guns and actually replace their standard engines with forced induction.

    I'm glad to hear about some development with the focus.

  3. I posted this comment on another blog/site - I thought I'd repost it here, too:

    That is going to be one HOT version of the Fusion! That'll have some decent power-to-weight and of course, it will have to be AWD (as will any other Ford front-drive-bias models) to maintain the power, torque and demands. I could also see an Eco-Boost four as an additional offering and it would be a hit with the tuner crowd. A GT Focus, especially with the next-generation being common with the well-coveted Euro-version will be a major hit, especially with tuner crowds - the ECO-Boost four is said to put out some 275-280hp!

    I also wonder if it's Lincoln MKZ sibling will also get an Eco-Boost V6? An Eco-Boost four would be out of place in a Lincoln-branded vehicle. If this is the case, with a speculated Eco-Boost powered MKZ, an MKS on deck, if an MKT (Flex-based) vehicle hits the market, with an Eco-Boost version of that, and - what I question in the above article/post, an MKR (could this be the production version of the MKR concept being Ford comfirmed a RWD program in development, of was it a typo and it meant to state MKT, the Flex sibling, also an Eco-Boost recipient), if so, this will truly be a line of Hot-Rod Lincolns - especially with an even higher-end Eco-Boost V6 pumping out 415hp and a possible similar torque (important for launch) number!!

    One other thing - wouldn't an Eco-Boost V6 find a home into the upcoming redesigned Taurus, as well? I can state that it would also be the best Taurus SHO ever if a limited/halo version hit the market with the 415hp Eco-Boost!

    Back to main point: a GT (or SVT) Fusion will be a hell on an addition to the line-up and a boost for the line-up's image!

  4. If true, welcome back SVT! One of Ford's many, self-inflicted wounds is that the company seemed to have lost its appetite for high-performance cars. Sure, there are the one-too-many versions of the Mustang, but one by one all the SVT-branded products died off -- with NO replacements ready. A Fusion GT (Fusion SVT sounds better to these ears) should have been in the product plans from day one and introduced no more than 18 months after the launch of the mainstream product, when the Fusion was still "new". If the Ecoboost motor wasn't in the cards at the time, certainly the 3.5-liter motor was in the pipeline.

  5. Its great that ford is finally doing something...sorta right again, but I still think the Fusion should be discontinued and we should just have the Mondeo ST from Europe here. Not to mention the new Focus RS that is coming out has 300hp!!!! where are all our fun FORDS???? i guess coming soon, but fusion is ugly compared to the Mondeo...or Contour as it was known for its brief life in north america.....im a proud owner of a SVT Contour, and would love to see these cars back...Mondeo is one of Europe's top cars year after year, but apparently isn't what our market is looking for.

  6. How about a twin turbo inline 4 with over 300 hp as well in the Fusion?

  7. I'm excited to see this new Fusion GT, I have a feeling my current Fusion will have to go to make room for this one!

  8. Im very excited that about the svt version of the Fusion! Its about time Ford put some fun and power back into their cars! And whoever posted the comment about the contour is just a huge geek. Fusion is way better looking by far!!

  9. the contour svt sucks i can't belive that you would even try to put a fusion and contour no matter what model on the same page as a FOUSION, fousin's ride and huge the road they handle curves with a breeze and it doesn't even bust a sweat as well as the FORD EDGE whom ppl say some bad comments about but the edge will get up there pretty quick from 0-60

  10. I do think that Ford needs to bring the Contour S.V.T... All the European Fords are way better then what we have here in the u.s.. Its is even so cause look at the game Need For Speed game for the xbox360.. They are way cooler than what we have and see..

  11. If you guys are going to do an SVT fusion please please add a real 6 speed transmission to it, i have a contour SVT and i love the five speed and my 340 hp 341 torque in it, i need and eqivelent vehicle no automatics ok.

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