GM announces new lease incentives for Cadillac and Saab

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GM announces new lease incentives for Cadillac and Saab

GM announces new lease incentives for Cadillac and Saab

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Previously we reported on Chrysler cutting back its lease incentives, and instead attempting to increase retail purchases of their vehicles. In a surprise twist, GM has decided not to do this with Cadillac, revealing to dealers on Friday that new lease incentives will be coming soon.

The lease incentives will apply on 2009 Cadillacs, as well as the Saab 9-7X, and will be carried out by GM's financing division, GMAC. These incentives will last until the end of this month, news which pleased dealers who were expecting the incentives to end on Friday.

While over 10% of Cadillac's business came from lease programs last month, 40% of the entire luxury segment came from leases - meaning that Cadillac can afford to provide lease incentives while its lease sales remain a small slice of its sales pie.

Cadillac and Saab remain the only brands with lease incentives financed by GMAC, and according to a GMAC spokesman "there are no plans to eliminate" the auto financing and leasing aspect of from GM's financing division.
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  1. GM, I have a better idea: stop attempting to sell the Saab 9-7X. Now. This thinly veiled badge-engineered Chevy Trailblazer was a brand killer from day one. Its continued presence following the collapse of the SUV market borders on criminal negligence. I know you were desperately short on Saab product at the time of its introduction (a problem of your own making, of course). However, the 9-7X was an even worse idea than the 9-2 "Saaburu" (which muddied the Saab brand further with an orphaned boxer engine). Either commit to marketing real Saabs (albeit on GM platforms, but without the Delco radios next time) or just sell the brand. Perhaps Tata would like to add it to their stable next to Jaguar and Land Rover?

  2. Amen.

  3. Either the 9-2 "Saaburu" or the current 9-3 "Saapel" are fairly true to Saab's heritage - fast, quirky, fun to drive (and not nearly as problematic as the original Saabs were). The Delco radio is a POS but better than the crapboxes that Swedes used to put in them. The 9-7X "Trollblazer" would make an excellent Chevy but it's a poor Saab.

    In my honest opinion, there's not "too little" product for Saab - there's too much already ! A sure way to kill the brand would be to turn it into a "mainstream" brand with a subcompact, a family sedan, a x-over, an SUV, a minivan, truck etc. Yet this is exactly what GM seems to be doing. The Saab became popular as an elitist, quirky, sporty, immediately identifiable _car_. IMHO GM should put more money into fine-tuning & bringing back to the true "luxury" status the 9-3 and 9-5, and sack all crossovers.

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