Mercedes Benz confirms mid-2009 launch for E-Class Coupe

Mercedes’ CLK is set to be replaced next year by the all-new E-Class Coupe

Mercedes’ CLK is set to be replaced next year by the all-new E-Class Coupe

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The Mercedes -Benz E-class Coupe has been officially unveiled. Click here for more images and information.

The current Mercedes Benz CLK is something of an enigma - built around the C-Class platform, styled like the E-Class, and priced in between the two, the car sits in its own unique segment and has no direct competition from its rivals. Its sales history has been a strong success, especially in the United States, but the car is set to meet its demise with arrival of the all-new E-Class next year as its replacement.

Speaking with Automotive News, Mercedes’ U.S. chief Ernst Lieb said the new E-Class Coupe would make its debut alongside the next-generation E-Class sedan in the middle of next year. The cars are expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March and will be followed one year later by an E-Class Cabrio.

The E-Class Coupe likely will cost more than the CLK and the E-Class Sedan, but Lieb wouldn't give specifics. Today's CLK is positioned between C and E-Class sedans and starts at $48,975 including shipping. The base E-Class Sedan – the E350 – starts at $54,075 including shipping.

Meanwhile, near production-ready test mules for the E-Class Coupe and Cabrio have been spotted near Mercedes headquarters in Germany and these latest spy shots and computer generated renderings give us a clue as to what the final car will look like. As expected, it draws heavily from the recent ConceptFASCINATION, and in keeping with its more upmarket positioning a new folding metal roof will come standard with the Cabrio.

Powertrains should include the new 272hp (203kW) 3.5L V6 engine as well as Mercedes’ 5.5L V8 for the E500 Coupe flagship. An even more powerful AMG version is guaranteed, sporting a 481hp (359kW) version of the hand built 6.2L V8 engine. The E-Class Coupe will be offered with optional 4Matic AWD and could possibly come with a new mild-hybrid option further down the track.

The decision to move the CLK to the E-Class platform will allow Mercedes to introduce a new entry-level coupe and convertible based on the C-Class, finally providing the carmaker with a direct competitor to BMW’s popular 3-series two-door models. You can see a preview of such a car in our previous story by clicking here.

The story doesn’t end there, however, as Mercedes is also expected to launch a new ‘shooting brake’ model based on the ConceptFASCINATION, although no official details about its release has been mentioned.
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Comments (15)
  1. I've always wanted a CLK63 AMG Convertible, I really don't care what they call it... :)

  2. now they're just messing with us...

  3. makes no sense. if they re-name it the E-class coupe'/convert, that means that the car will be priced higher. as the CLK is cheaper than the E-class. and if they re-do the S and put it as an S-Coupe, it will also be higher..seems like theirs no truth to these rumors.

  4. I've never been much of a fan of the whole letter/number thing anyway.
    I mean, how little imagination do you have to have to not be able to come up with an actual name for a car?
    Do you know what an ABC123 looked like way back when? No? I'll bet you know what a Countach looked like, or a Cobra, or a Corvette, or a Skyline, or a Mustang, or a Testarossa.
    It's just much more endearing to say you own a "Beetle" than to say you own an 655SUX (thanks, Robocop for that)...

  5. well Gus, the letters are abbreviations. S= Super, SL= schnell und leicht, etc...the point is: they are all Mercedes thats the main name and ID. Just different versions of a Mercedes thats why they have their make/model seign but not a diffetent name. The ID is mercedes, the model may then be a CL600 or SL55 or S600 or E 320 or...but oits always a Mercedes-Benz, thats the name

  6. Well of course, but the S doesn't always mean the same, and saying it's a "Mercedes Benz" is like saying it's a "Ferrari".
    Letters and numbers are boring, plain and simple...

  7. OK, you want to say that BMW Series 3 and Audi A5 are not direct competitors to CLK? I think they are ... Styled like E Class? Anyone remember how Mercedes C Class before this new generation looks like? I think it is styled like C Class ...

  8. I like the Audi the best, I think.
    I like their naming system (as far as I like alphanumeric naming) the best as well.
    At one point in time, at least the numbers on MB and BMW made sense, you could tell how big the engine was. Now, the 335 has a 3 liter, the 328 has a 3 liter, the 63 has a 6.2, it just gets totally confusing, and I don't know why.
    With Audi, it's simple.

  9. I agree with Conan about the CLK's rivals. I'll add the C70, 9-3 and Infiniti G.

    Gus, carmakers that use letters and numbers actually want people not to know the models. We car fans will always do, but normal people won't.

    Hyundai is changing its naming scheme in Europe to i*0 and ix*5, since Hyundais alreay have a certain reputation. Form now on, people will just buy Hyndais instead of Accents and Sonatas. The same is doing Lincoln, all thir cars will become marks (MK*) and thus will become just Lincolns.

    "Letters and numbers are boring." I put it in another way: People can only love and feel words.

  10. I've always believed the CLK to be a C-class platform-based coupe and a direct competitor to the BMW 3 series coupe. The CLK styling is definitely based on the previous gen C-class saloon on which it was based. The tail lights are quite E-class however...
    An E-class based coupe would compete with a 6 series.
    As it stands if you're talking Mercedes-Benz vs. BMW coupés, then MB don't currently have a competitor for the 6 series and BMW don't have a competitor for the CL class. That's how I see it anyway.

  11. i agree with fudge. no 6 series competitor or CL competitor in the respective branches.
    on a different note, i think that the conceptfascination front end design is absolutely beautiful and hope it makes it unscathed into the e class

  12. all i know is that finally MB have made an e-class that doesnt bore you to death to look at.

  13. That new E class coupe consept is cool, but the rear quarter resembles a Bently.

  14. I admit that I am confused with the MB model numbers nowadays than before. C-class, E-class and coupe version as CE, than S-class and coupe, SEC and there was just the SL. Things were simpler than. Now, I have to say, "Mercs E-class Coupe" or the "S-class Coupe".

    Anyway, the last E-class coupe sux. Its very bad, ugly and will pass off as a Kia for me. The round headlights CE was the best design IMO.

    The new model is nice but as mburleigh8 said, the rear panel is a direct copy of the Bentley GT. Why can't they go with the current design of the S-class which I think is the most beautiful saloon on the road today and they did everything right on the design.

  15. You know, peoples attitudes are changing. How are they going to know if they haven't got a contender on the market? In the past they have been so slow to react that they have always been a day late and a dollar short. I don't want them to be defeated yet again by not having what the people want on the showroom until Toyota and Honda have already sold a million.

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