2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee to get efficient Phoenix V6

Chrysler replaces leases with new incentive program

Chrysler replaces leases with new incentive program

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Chrysler is taking heed of tougher fuel-economy standards and shifting demand for smaller and more environmentally friendly vehicles by redesigning its next-generation models to be lighter and greener. The carmaker’s vice chairman, Tom LaSorda, has revealed that the next-generation model, due in 2010, will feature car-like unibody construction as well as a new ‘Phoenix’ V6 engine.

The Phoneix V6 makes its efficiency gains by using cylinder-deactivation technology to shut down three cylinders, allowing it to function on half of its maximum displacement when under low loads. This feature is reported to be good for a 6-8% improvement in most cases. Taken together with the improved around-town handling likely to come from unibody construction, the Cherokee could see a significant boost in sales among mainstream buyers.

In preparation for the new model, Chrysler plans to spend more than $1.8 billion to refit its Jefferson assembly plant in North Detroit. The same plant will also be responsible for several yet-to-be revealed models based on the same platform, LaSorda explained to Automotive News reporters. The new platform was jointly developed with Mercedes-Benz, but there won’t be much else in common between the future Chrysler and Mercedes products.

To help raise funds for the expansion and retooling of the plant, Chrysler will sell up to $1 billion in non-earning assets. Some of these assets include land around its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and its Tritec engine plant in Brazil.

LaSorda also confirmed that a future small car currently being developed with China’s Chery Auto is still on track despite a number of engineering changes being made. If the updates are completed in time, the car could go on sale in North America by as early as next year.
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Comments (12)
  1. How about a diesel with better milage then the one in the current GC gets and one that is more affordable to customers.

  2. I figured this, and I did recall hearing that it was developed with Mercedes initally - the Benz's (ML & GL) are unibody. I also understand that the next Grand Cherokee will be larger to accommodate a third row seat and it would take the place of the soon-to-be-discontinued Commander. I also did see past articles regarding the new "Phoenix" V6 family.

    I'm also wondering, and hoping, will the Hemi still be offered in this? The Hemi is powerful & efficent for it has cylinder-deactivation. There's also the Hemi-Hybrid introduced in the Durango and Aspen, that could be a good candidate for the next Grand Cherokee. Also, being the Hemi is in LX's, I would figure it to be applied to a car-based, unibody Grand-Cherokee, and it, the Hemi, would also be more suitable for towing purposes.

  3. Let hope it extends to the Wrangler. I've alway wanted one, but MPG for its size is darn pathetic.

  4. The current 3.7L motor is a joke! I've always loved Jeep's inline 4.0L motor it had tons of torque and would push a Cherokee off the line at a decent rate.

  5. What a joke!! Who are they kidding, us or themselves that this actually will make a difference? On this vehicle which get like 16 mpg city 6% improvement is not even 1mpg improvement. Then they wonder why no one is buying their products! DUH!!!

  6. The Phoenix engines get twin Variable Valves, cylinder deactivation and GDI, it will be more then a 1 mpg upgrade.

  7. For my taste, unless an SUV can tow a boat through 100 degree heat with 5 people, luggage and front and rear air conditioner running without overheating, then there's no use for an SUV.
    So, while I applaud efforts to make them more fuel efficient, I think the main crux is that most people really don't need them in the first place...

  8. I agree with Gus, people who need the people hauler can get a CUV or a wagon/hatch, if you need to tow, go with a truck.

  9. Since Chrysler has spent so much money on developing the HEMI 5.7, why don't they make a HEMI 4.3 V6 with cylinder deactivation? It could easily get 290 hp (based on the version in the 2009 Ram) or even 300. That would be plenty for a lighter, unibody based Grand Cherokee.

  10. The Phoenix is the next gen, the project was started when Daimler still controlled Chrysler and they have too much money in the project to change it now, they are also hoping the Phoenix V6 will be a basis for a next gen 4 cylinder and potentially a V8.

  11. Why don't they smarten up and spend the money on developing a diesel that can get out of it's own way like the promised Cummins 4.2? We would all like to see more specs on that motor and the axle options etc......

  12. Hello, am sir/ma,am Mr.Wellson and am interested in buying (2010 jeep Grand Cherokee to get efficient phoenix V6) for a holiday this season ...but i will love to know your how much will the car go for and model of payment to go along with the nest details....,i will love to get a read your replay Thanks.

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