Video: 2008 Shelby GT500 Vs. 2003 SVT Cobra

H2H Ep5, GT500 Vs. SVT Cobra

It's the battle of blown Mustangs we have been waiting for, the pricey 2008 Shelby GT500 going up against an affordable 2003 SVT Cobra. The matchup takes place at Willow Springs raceway with both cars being timed around the track and also going head to head in a trure street race. Check out the video to watch the shocking results as both cars get pushed to the max.
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  1. this makes me feel good to be a proud owner of a terminator. muhahaha

  2. I just went on the spec site that you have and found the specs for the 03 Cobra, but you don't have the detailed specs for the 05 or 06 mustang GT. Do you have their specs ? If so, could you update this site ? Thanks.

  3. So, the GT500 won the actual competition and comparison, but then some guy bases the "win" on his personal opinion and compares the price of a used Mustang to a brand new Shelby. That makes no sense at all!!
    The only reason the '03 Cobra won the drag race was probably because it had a better driver. They should have provided 60 ft. times. Also, to be fair, both cars should have been shod with the exact same tires. There was no mention of tires.

  4. Quit crying, serious dude!!! The Terminator matches up very well to a car way out of it's price league!! You want to get technical the price that was said for the 500 was way low, I know I work for ford! The 03-04 Terminators were/are yrs before their time, stop hating and drive one or if you own a 500 race a Termi!! I own one I would love to meet up with ya... P.s. Happy Holidays !

  5. I know what you mean bob, there is no way the GT500 should lose the head to head race. Would have been better if they did more than one race.

  6. Y'know- it doesn't matter. BOTH cars are bitchin'.

  7. BTW, what about the mopar suit? :-/

  8. listen bob-oso the terminator just wins aight!!

  9. Thank You javier, these people hear more Hp so they think it's faster!!! Sorry everyone but the Terminator is no joke and half the price of a 500!!! Deal with it!!

  10. Does anyone have an answer for the detailed specs for the 05 or 06 mustang GT.

  11. I am the owner of the 03 Cobra used in that shoot of head to head. In response to some of the questions, the car was not 100% stock. Vehicle had Steeda Lower Springs, Magnaflow Catback exhaust and K&N Intake. That is it. What really shocked me was the 1/4 mile run because I had really old BF Goodrich tires on the rears where as the Shelby had new tires on it. The owner of the Shelby return to Power Ford immedately and complained about his Shelby. Laps on the track were done by same driver, only 1/4 drag had 2 drivers. As you can see closely, car was for sale at that time and Thanks to the shoot, car sold quickly and for higher than I expected. Special thanks to Chris @ Total Image Motorsports for setting me up for the shoot. By the way....we ran 1/4 run 3 Cobra beat the Shelby all 3 times.

  12. 2003 Cobra's are lighter than the GT500. The owner of Silver 2003 Cobra said the did three quarter mile runs and the 2003 Cobra won all three. Enough Said. Terminator is the King.

  13. the gt500 sucks it can barely make it in the 13 second class there is stock camaros out there beating the gt500

  14. but beleave me i seen them both run and the gt500 is embaressing to have 500hp and get spanked by 330hp there is something not right clicking on this car

  15. He also said the GT500 was new. Its dyno proven they make a bunch more power after broken in. Go put a couple thousand miles on the GT500 and run it again.....

  16. The Terminator would have killed the GT500 on the track if it had as good/same tires as the new GT. No question.

  17. My 03 cobra that I bought used for $25,000 and put other 13,500 would destroy the GT500. I would still have less money spent. dyno 643 hp and 635 torque.

  18. GT500 is correct....according to Ford, the Shelby 500s are electronic detuned for the first 1,000 miles and limits horsepower until then. However Sammy (Driver) enjoyed my Cobra way more than the Shelby 500 and he said also, for the price of 1 Shelby, you can get 2 Cobras. I regret selling it but I will be looking for another one within a year. So you have an idea of how bad the rear tires were, the fronts were brand new at 9/32 tread left, the rears had 2/32, pratically slicks...I drove 150 miles back home and got a flat in the rear as I pulled into the driveway...was way worth it though.

  19. Hmmmmm......divide 3950 lbs. by 500 HP and you get 7.9 pounds per HP. Divide 3665 lbs. by 390 HP and you get 9.4 pounds per HP. The '08 GT500 came with 3.31 gears, and the '03 Cobra came with 3.55's.

    Even so, the HUGE HP/weight advantage that the '08 has should be more than enough to take the '03 Cobra with comparable drivers, in my opinion. We can't argue that the '03 was better priced, but then again, an S197 is not a glorified SN95 like New Edges are. You aren't paying the extra price just for more HP; you are paying for a refined sports car that can compete in a world-wide market as opposed to a New Edge which is sloppy in comparison. I have owned and driven both, and the S197 chassis is infinitely better in comparison. Sure: you can buy a used '03 and spend some money and it will be faster than a GT500 in the 1/4; but that applies to ANY used car you buy as opposed to a new one. I'd rather drive a C6 Corvette than a modified C5.

    I love the Termies, but this comparison is a bit biased, I think. As interesting as it is, I don't think a proper comparison can be made between these two cars. They are just way too different.

  20. if both were maxed out with the same mods, the 03 would win due to weight advantage. The shelby would only pump out 50 more horsepower which is not enough to give it the edge.

  21. "BIAS!!!"

    this is bull!!..on the video that had the s2000cr and 350z nismo, they were saying performance is whats top and stuff, but here its clearly the shelby 500 that has the performance..
    what a fuckin bias!!

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