Official 2007 Shelby GT500 Production Numbers

Well folks these are the official 2007 Shelby GT500 production numbers straight from Ford Motor Company's SVT department.  Total production for 2007 GT500's comes to 10,844 units with 8,150 of those being coupes and 2,694 being convertibles.  More specific breakdowns including Interior and Exterior colors are below in chart form including what stripe colors came on each specific model color.  Also below are numbers for the late arriving red stripe package that Ford brought out near the end of the model run. 

Some of the rarest 2007 GT500's include the one's that include no stripe kit at all.  The most produced GT500 model was the Performance White with Vista Blue Stripes in Coupe form.  For more breakdowns and all the numbers follow the link to the next page.

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  1. These Mustangs are impressive but they will have trouble competing with the new 2009 and 2010 Camaro's. Ford must move quickly to remake the Mustang. The next Mustang must be far more sunstantial-bigger, wider, meaner, faster, and more refined.

  2. There is a guy in town who claims he has a one off 07 gt500 He claims Eleanor Ford ordered it for him, she is a friend of his that I do know. The car is black with orange stripes which I don't see on your list. What's your take?

  3. None came with orange stripes, are you sure its not red because Ford did make a special edition that was Black with Red Stripes and its on the list.


  5. How do I find out how many red GT500 converibles have satin silver stripes and black/black interiors?. I own 1zvht89s275222336

  6. My uncle owns a black shelby no stripes 1 of 2 made Carroll S. owns the only other 1 in march Carroll is going to sign my uncle's dash in Vegas ;-)

  7. Sorry to let yoy know, but I own a black shelby GT500 no stripes with all black leather inter all from shelby WITH LESS THAN 1000 MILES ON IT.

  8. How many shelby gt-500 are being made in 2008

  9. I don't know who or if anyone is gonna see this but I am madder than a bull that has just found out he is a STEER! I want to know why this site shows 34 Alloy metallic clearcoat hardtops with a tungsten strip when my Ford dealership was refused that color as a striping option by the Shelby plant! I am owed $2500.00 for the cost of doing it privately by someone. Pay up Carrol!!!!


  11. I was told by Ford it's the last 3 numbers of the Vin. That would make yours 195. I called Ford and asked.

  12. Phone 1-800-Ford-svt
    It costs $40.00 for a certificate.
    I will have the VIN, build and build date printed on it.

  13. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE SEQUENCE NUM OF MY White w/blue stripe 2007 SHELBY GT500 #1ZVHT88SX75300251?
    Of course now it is a 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake w 750+ hsp #07SS0566

  14. Hello all I have a vista blue gt500 coupe with over the top white stripes and side stripe delete but it does say gt500 on the side as if a stripe was there is there anyway to know how many vista blue ones were made with side stripe delete it is the only one i have ever seen thanks Jim

  15. Just found your site, enjoying very much, When I ordered my 2007 gt500 white convertable the dealer told me they did not come with stripes and so I paid them to put the blue on, now I see that was not true

  16. Im new to the mustang family and i jumped in with both feet, i just purchased an 07 shelby GT with #0571 production #. Anyone know if there is a registry that i can go to to add my name?

  17. In 1986 I bought a pre-owned 1982 Ford Mustang GT with T-Tops, it was my first car. It leaked like a basket. Too bad because that car was a monster. Now some 26 years later I bought a 2010 Ford Mustang GT 500 Shelby Convertible. It only has 8800 KMs and is 6 speed. I can't wait to drive it. I have about 3-4 months left before the 1st spin will happen. She is still on the showroom floor and every day I drive home from work, I look in and see her there. All accounts is that she is a keeper and I can't wait. I am even keeping it a surprise to my small children. They are gonna go wild. Cruis'in with the top down and acting like nothing else matters. That's the feeling I'm hoping for when I turn the key.

  18. I have a Ebony 2007 Shelby GT 500 with no stripes I sent of to fords for a Certify it came back with production numbers, there were 8,152 coupe made and 2,695 convertible built. cars with no stripes Red 28. Alloy 22. Blue 9. Perf White 24. Tung Gray 21. Grab Org 12. Ebony 147 made. But Ford cannot tell me what sequence number my care is out of the 147 my car mag date is 12/06/2006 is there anyone uot there with a earley mag date.

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