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This is becoming the norm lately as information on the 2008 Shelby GT is leaked well before Ford or Shelby can get an official press release out to the public.  So far we have learned that the 2008 Shelby GT will be availalble in coupe and convertible form painted in Vista Blue w/Silver Le Mans and side stripes only.  Ford & Shelby have decided to discontinue the White and Black models w/silver stripes for unknown reasons.  Just like in 2007 the Shelby GT's will be availalbe with either a manual or automatic transmission giving more people the opportunity to drive the car.  Only 2100 units will be produced for 2008 which means only one thing to me, the 2007 models didn't sell like they thought they would.

The 2008 Shelby GT's 4.6L engine will be exactly the same as the 2007 model pumping out 319 horsepower and 330 ft. lbs of torque that includes the use of a Ford Racing Performance Pack.  The suspension on the 2008 Shelby GT will also include the Ford Racing Handling Pack.  The additional cost for Shelby to add this package to a Mustang GT coupe will be $9,500.00 and the convertible model will add $11,800.00 to the MSRP.

A more detailed list of parts can be found after the jump...

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  1. I would guess that one contributing factor to the 2007 Shelby’s not selling is the ridiculous markup the dealers have put on these cars. I know Ford does not control the pricing at the dealerships but it does no good to come up with a Mustang “flavor of the month” and then have the dealers price them out of reach from everyone but fools or collectors.
    I would bet the same will happen when the Bullitt Mustang hits the streets next year and if and when Ford brings the Boss back. Its great that Ford is making these somewhat limited editions and giving us Mustang fans something to get excited over but it’s quickly getting to the point that you can’t afford them or if you can, just can’t stomach the thought of paying thousands of dollars above MSRP to get one.
    The dealer gouging is going to end up costing Ford at some point and with the new Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger waiting in the wings, the Mustang will not be the only game in town.

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