Photos of Shelby GT500 Wrecks and Accidents

I am kinda running dry on things to write about this week so why not post up all the Photos and Video links of Shelby GT500 Wrecks I have come across.  Some of the photos have descriptions and others I have no idea where they came from so you will just have to use your imagination.  I will also post a few links to videos down below from youtube.  If you have any links or photos of other GT500 wrecks please email me or post links to them in the comments so I can add them to my collection and this entry. See all the good stuff after the jump...

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  1. Its ashamed that went someone comes out with a powerful car as the Shelby GT 500 you think that they would use their heads and take easy when driving this car. i know that if i had one i would take it easy or find a high performance driving school to teach me how to safely drive the car. i know Ford is having hard time financially but i think when the earlier Mustang Cobra came out they paid and sent you to a driving school to teach you how to correctly drive the Cobra.people just don't think or care and just want to show off because they have a Shelby GT 500 they can drive wrechlessly. then after its too late then what.thanks Dan Heagy VP Mustang Club of Maryland

  2. It's heart breaking to see these pieces of art in such shape. I own a gt-500 drive it at least twice a week. It's a great car. As far as the prices coming down on them If you really want one step up or you may be left wishing. I checked into a corvette and for the money I saw three on the way home from the dealership.

  3. yea but if I'm gonna die at like 60 y.o, I wanna die rolling my $70k car... so noone else can have fun driving my baby that i paid over sticker for. lol
    in all seriousness, if you harm a new gt500, you should be shot ON THE SPOT

  4. where could you buy a super charger off of one of these wrecked gt 500. thanks

  5. It's strange to find this site. I agree with the guy that said there should be some driving school, although my husband would've never went to school. We had a shelby 500, which was made into a 600hp. Unfortunately this car was too much to handle and my husband did crash it into a tree and died... Be careful and understand that this is a VERY fast car, and should not be messed with.

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